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The Wolf of Facebook

Our generation isn’t meant to succeed as a mass. Only a few will. The Alphas. You’re either a wolf or a sheep. If you have to ask yourself which one you are, you’re not a wolf. Wolves are predators. They stalk their target. They learn about their target before making any moves. Patience is key to success & the wolf knows this. The wolf does not try to rush what he knows is his. He waits patiently with his pack. Analyzing. Stalking. Adapting. Be the wolf in business. Understand your value as a company. Understand your value as a person. The wolf doesn’t have to tell the world he is a wolf. He shows it by his looks. By his actions. By his environment. You must translate this into the real world. Understand that you must dress the part, and play the part. A wolf always has a pack with him. This is very important for business. Build a solid team of trustworthy and hardworking wolves. This is not easy. You will hire many sheep before any wolves come along. This is life. Understand this. You must protect your team. Especially if they consider you the alpha. There is a difference between believing you are the alpha and being the alpha. Alphas know the difference. They don’t have to peacock around to let the others know. Alphas become leaders by their actions. Do the same for your business. It is a necessity. 


Brandan Boylan