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What Do You Do As a Web Developer?

The majority of contemporary businesses cannot expect to remain competitive while not a robust on-line presence. Naturally, then, most businesses use or contract net developers – the individuals tasked with building practical, attractive, and easy on-line platforms.

Before we tend to jump into every day within the lifetime of an internet developer – does one recognize the most responsibilities  of this career?


Building websites exploitation technologies like hypertext mark-up language, CSS, and JavaScript. This includes the layout of internet sites, also as frameworks accustomed deliver the content that may be displayed on the positioning.
Modifying and change websites in keeping with an organization or client’s specifications.
Ensuring that websites square measure visually engaging and easy.
Collaborating with alternative colleagues, like content creators, copywriters, graphic designers, selling managers, and IT employees.
Testing websites and troubleshooting any issues as presently as they’re known.
Web developers work either at intervals firms or at specific net style agencies, or as freelancers. Job roles could thus vary in keeping with this, and additionally in keeping with the dimensions of the corporate or agency. as an example, in smaller firms, net developers can ofttimes act with alternative team members and will withstand multiple roles. In larger firms, the net developer could specialise in solely a number of a lot of specialised roles.

It’s vital to notice that your roles additionally take issue looking on whether or not you’re a front-end developer or a back-end developer.

In easy terms, front-end developers square measure to blame for manufacturing the aspects of the web site that users see and act with, whereas back-end developers square measure tasked with developing the underlying platforms that drive the front-end. Click here for a full description of the variations between front-end and back-end net development.


Your work schedule is usually removed from routine, as a result of you’ll usually be resolution issues as they arise. Schedules and deadlines will but apply to massive comes. Here is AN example of every day within the lifetime of a front-end net developer:

08h00 – when incoming at the workplace, you’ll need to check your company or client’s web site for any issues, or continue engaged on a project from the previous day.

08h30 – you’ll ought to attend a team meeting to debate in progress comes, brainstorm ideas, or discuss new methods to spice up your business or clients’ on-line presence.

10h00 – Time to refocus on this comes you’re engaged on. you’ll be payment the remainder of the day doing programming and developing an organization or client’s web site, or taking a number of hours to implement new platforms and functions.

13h00 – when lunch, you may be checking whether or not there square measure any problems together with yourwebsites that require going to. this might embrace something from broken links to text or pictures that aren’t displaying properly.

14h00 – If you’ve got it slow, you’ll plan to do some analysis on new technologies and tools that would improve the manner you develop sites. As an internet developer, it’s vital to remain on high of trends within the field so asto remain competitive.

15h00 – you’ll need to collaborate with content creators or graphic designers to review the text and pictures that may be placed on the web site, and wherever they’re going to match into the layout. You’ll ought to make sure that pages square measure properly set out and visually appealing to users.

16h00 – At the tip of the day, it’s a decent plan to review the day’s work, and presumably check your websites another time.

Considering the high demand for net developers within the current geographic point, selecting this career path may be a savvy choice!

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