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Why SEO Is Still Important for Business (Updated)


The development of the Internet and technology has taken everything online. People who live in every corner of the world use the Internet for most of their day to day activities. This has created a great platform for the owners to take their businesses online. However, there is a tough competition between companies who offer similar products. That is the main reason why you should focus more on SEO strategies.


Why do higher search rankings matter?

Importance of SEO to Business

From the studies, it has been identified that more than 80% of new visitors coming to a particular website comes from search engine results. When you are looking for something on Google, you hardly tend to go beyond the first page of search results. If you can find what you want on the first page, you don’t even think about navigating to the second page. This is the main reason why businesses need to think about focusing on SEO.

How to do organic SEO

Having quality content in your website can help you to get a high ranking in the search engine results page, while backlinks provide a better page rank. The content that you can see in the search engine results page can be divided into three main categories. They are the link to the website, title of the website and a small deception about that website. Google algorithm gives additional priority to the content when listing these websites in their search results and this is why on-page SEO is important nowadays. It is the reason for the existence of a website which appears high on the search engine results, even though they have a low page rank. You can read more on ways to do organic seo from here

Is SEO still relevant in 2018

Some business owners doubt whether SEO is still relevant when Google is very smart to give best results. Specially, many owners don’t understand why SEOs charge high amount of money. They think is SEO worth it? The answer is when your customers come across the need to purchase products or services offered by your business, they tend to go ahead and search on the internet. But when your website is not ranked on the first page of search results, your customers will come across the websites of your competitors. This is not a good sign because your customers will then move ahead and purchase products or services that they want from the competitors. This can make your business go down. Hence, it is extremely crucial for you to get your website ranked on the first page of search results. This is why organic SEO is really essential. And, a good SEO agency like Dallas Media Marketing can assist you with that!


Organic Search vs Paid Search

It’s a game of chess

If you are focusing on SEO strategies these days, you need to think of SEO as a game of chess. Content is playing the role of King. But it has to be protected with other players like keywords, backlinks, tags, and AdWords. You need to get the assistance of a professional SEO expert in order to maintain the proper balance between them. It will help you to bring your website up in the search engine results page along with increasing the page rank. The efforts that you put on these aspects will be a great investment done towards the future of your website.

Almost all the website owners out there in the world are concerned about SEO and PPC. In fact, they consider SEO as the strategic approach to enhance the visibility of a website, whereas they use PPC as the fast response and tactical mechanism. Unfortunately, it has been identified that many people don’t have a clear understanding about the difference in between SEO and PPC. It is extremely important for the website owners to be aware of it in order to achieve long term success.


What exactly are SEO & PPC

When it comes to Search Engine Marketing campaigns, Search Engine result pages are divided into two major categories. They include PPC advertising and organic SEO results. From the recent studies, it has been identified that about 70% of the people click on organic SEO search results. On the other hand, about 30% of the users tend to click on PPC or paid search results.

Search Engine Optimization, which is also known as SEO can simply be defined as the process that is associated with making a website achieve higher rankings on leading search engine results pages. On the other hand, Pay Per Click is the process where advertisers bid on keywords that are associated with a specific advertisement with the objective of achieving a higher position in SERPs. These search results would appear in the sponsored link section of SERPs.

What are the most prominent differences in between SEO and PPC?

There is a clear difference in the position obtained in search engines by the results that are generated through SEO and PPC. You will be able to see PPC listing under the sponsored links section. On the other hand, results obtained from organic search results would be displayed below the sponsored listing section.

If you follow SEO strategies, it would take about three months for you to index your website in leading search engines. That’s because Google does a lot of screening before indexing websites on the SERPs. If you are looking for an instant boost in traffic, SEO would not be the best solution available out there for you. That’s where you need to check about PPC. If can bid more on a specific keyword, you will get the opportunity to receive a better position in the search engine results pages. As you already know, people who conduct searches on leading search engines are only concerned about going through the first few pages and the results you get from PPC would be obvious.

Even though SEO strategies don’t come for free, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money on PPC campaigns. If you select PPC and if you can bid on the right price, you will get the opportunity to receive amazing results in the long run. In fact, people who select PPC will have to take necessary measures to bid on the keywords while staying within their budgets.