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Before starting a digital marketing business, you should have a clear idea of what makes you unique and stand out from the others.  Do you specialize in a certain style or niche? Are you going to be dealing with big businesses or independent ones? Set some goals for yourself in the beginning so you can measure how you’re going and give yourself milestones to work towards. Once you have all of that down you’ll find you have a lot more direction and focus on building your business. The first thing needed to start any business is a clear idea of what the core values are and from that designing and developing a brand. A brand is a representation of the business itself and should convey to the business’s target audience who they are and what they stand for. When a clear set of core values are decided upon its time to work on developing a logo, font, and tagline that all reflect the brand. Time and care should be put into this as it’s the first thing people will see and associate with your business, so you want it to leave an impression. Next, it’s essential if you’re going to start a digital marketing business to have a good online presence and to do this you should start with a solid website. It’s important when building your website to keep in mind ‘why is my target audience coming here? ‘and ‘what do they want?’ It’s easy to get caught up in the ascetics but you’ll find most people value functionality and easy to use websites over flashy graphically focused ones. Make sure your website caters to your target audience by testing it on a sample group. By constantly reviewing and revising your work you’re more likely to have a winning product. You also need to be able to prove yourself to new clients, to be able to show them confidently what results your company can provide. Which is why it’s essential your portfolio is up to scratch. Your portfolio should include headlines and short snippets, more in-depth result case studies, testimonials from current clients and future goals and projections for those clients. If you include the above any potential clients and partners will be able to see a clear picture of where you can take their business. If you don’t already have a portfolio a good way to build it up is to take on a couple jobs at a lower rate or even for free. The business that’ll be brought in by a strong portfolio outweighs a couple of jobs. Remember when starting up that there is a lot of competition out there and people don’t want to wade through countless businesses looking for a right fit. Make sure you know who you’re catering to and have a strong brand identity that speaks to your target audience. Clearly present what services you offer and how you stand out in an easy to use website people can engage with. Also, don’t forget to show offer your work with a strong portfolio of testimonials that let the client know what they getting.  If you have all of that sorted, then you’re off to a great start for your new digital media business.