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Dallas Media Marketing Facebook Update

It’s not uncommon for Facebook to make tweaks to its news feed algorithm. If you think back to what the website looked like at its launch in February of 2004, it’s completely different from what it used to be.

With that said, Facebook just announced it is making major changes to its news feed algorithm. The changes that Facebook is making hopes to bring people closer together on the medium – meaning they will be valuing posts from people higher than posts from brands and business pages.

News Feed Update

Facebook notes that, with this update, they will be prioritizing posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions. The new algorithm will work to predict which posts users want to see based on interactions with friends and family, and show them higher in their news feeds.

Examples of posts that Facebook notes would show up higher in news feeds are:

  • A friend seeking advice
  • A friend asking for recommendations for a trip
  • News article or video prompting lots of discussions

The examples align with Facebook’s dedication to show more posts from friends and family over public content – business pages, celebrity pages, etc.

What Does This Mean for Facebook Business Pages?

Facebook is not hiding the fact that they will be showing less content from business pages. In fact, Facebook came out and said that pages’ reach, video watch time, and referral traffic may see significant decreases as they continue rolling out these updates.

Overall, these changes will have varying effects, depending on the page. Pages that do not receive much engagement or interactions will see a more drastic effect. Pages whose posts prompt conversations between friends will see less of an effect.

For example, live videos often lead to discussions among viewers on Facebook. To be exact, they average six times as many interactions as regular videos. Therefore, live video posts will typically perform better for business pages.

With the changes placing a heavier emphasis on engagement and interactions, it may seem like the logical thing to do to start baiting your page followers into engaging and interacting with your content. Posts that say something along the lines of, “LIKE if you are an aries” or “Share if you agree” are what Facebook calls ‘engagement bait.’

Facebook noted they will demote pages that use this type of tactic.

Don’t Panic

These changes may come as a bit of a shock for your business, but now is not the time to panic. As we noted, Facebook has been making algorithm changes for as long as the medium has been around. While the initial impact may seem negative, it provides a unique and exciting opportunity for your marketing team. It allows you to rethink your strategy and create new opportunities to provide value for your audience.


Written by: TONY ADRAGNA | Jan 12, 2018