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From the researches, it has been identified that more than 80% of new visitors who are coming to a particular website comes through search engine results. Having quality content in your website can help you to get a high ranking in search engine results page, while backlinks provide a better page rank. The content that you can see in search engine results page can be divided into three main categories. They are the link to the website, title of the website and a small deception about that website. Google algorithm gives additional priority to the content when listing these websites in their search results. It is the reason for the existence of website which appear high on search engine results, even though they have a low page rank.

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If you are focusing on SEO strategies these days, you need to think of SEO as a game of chess. Content is playing the role of King. But it has to be protected with other players like keywords, backlinks, tags, and AdWords. You need to get the assistance of a professional SEO expert in order to maintain the proper balance between them. It will help you to bring your website up in search engine results page along with increasing the page rank. The efforts that you put on these aspects will be a great investment done towards the future of your website.

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