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Dallas Media Marketing is a company of experts in creative design, digital marketing, SEO and web development.

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Dallas Media Marketing is a company of experts in creative design, digital marketing, SEO and web development. We combine all 7 of the most essential digital retailing products into a single online solution.
These are:
· Web (Design & Hosting)
· Content (Branding & Authoring)
· Reputation (Reviews & Testimonials)
· Social (Postings & Followers)
· SEO (Local & On-Page)
· Leads (Tracking & Analytics)
· PPC (Growth & Targeting)
The Benefits of Digital Marketing with Dallas Media Marketing
For a company to maximize their success they need to be getting the most out of their brand and marketing. The best way to ensure that’s being done is to have a team of experts review and evaluate the company’s brand identity, marketing campaign, internet presence and engagement with the client. Dallas Media Marketing excels in all facets of digital marketing from design and development needs to expand your presence and recognition via web design and outreach programs. Dallas Media Marketing understands the importance of having a strong brand identity and brand image. They ensure your company’s brand reflects its core values through its use of the name, logo, typeface, and tagline. If your company doesn’t already have a logo or if you want to redesign your current one, their team can aid in the design. The team is happy to revise the design until your fully satisfied or will provide a full refund. The team also make quality double sided business cards which come in two designs to choose from. Free quotes are provided on request. The team at Dallas Media Marketing also tackle all areas of marketing including content, email, social media and video marketing. The team will work to add value to your brand through reliable and intriguing content that’ll draw people in. They are very proactive in their engagement with their target audience and continuously strive to pull more in more leads. They do this through mass-market campaigns, informational newsletters, and social outreach campaigns. Video marketing is also a priority for the team as its proven to generate up to 41% more web traffic. Considering how much more frequently videos are being viewed and shared its clear any successful business needs a good online presence. Dallas Media Marketing ensures this by using the latest technology in web design to maximize potential. The team provides reliable and fast service in a front end and back end development, website optimization, and custom CMS platforms. The team also specialize in a range of website designs including small business, corporate, e-commerce and start-up website designs enabling them to cater to any needs. The Dallas Media Marketing team have four pricing tiers that grant different levels of service to ensure you’re only paying for what you need. The silver package (also starting) provides clients with basic web development, buy the domain and hosting, installation of the website onto CMS, essential customization, SEO and logo design, and development.  The other three have assorted combinations commonly needed things to offer your business choice. For example, in the platinum package, Dallas Media Marketing will write 6-10 pages of content and provide up to 2 logo design revisions. Alternatively, the gold package you must provide content but your granted unlimited logo design revisions. If you want to see an increase in traffic and sales, then you need to look at your brand and marketing strategies and the best way to do that is to hire experts in the field. Dallas Media Marketing offers flexibly in services to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need, and they use cutting-edge technologies and strategies to maximize your gains.
1. CREATIVE DESIGN: · Give your brand an identity that stands out. · Design your unique business card. · Eye-catching logo design and development. · Our social media graphics are guaranteed to go viral.

2. Digital Marketing · Enjoy world-class digital marketing service. · Top search engine optimization for your business. · Effective social media marketing. · Advanced pay-per-click advertisement.

3. Web Development & Design: Using the latest technology in web design and development, we are able to offer fast, reliable, and constructive services in the following fields: · Front End Development · Back End Development · Website Optimization · Custom CMS Platform

4. Dallas SEO Agency: · We provide comprehensive and helpful Analytics and Research. · Get needed professional assistance on brand strategy. · Confused by the digital world? We’ve got you covered with our digital strategy. · We provide quality training and education.